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Dec 30

D-1 Grand Prix

Guide D-1 Grand Prix ==================================================================================

Link to D-1 Grand Prix can be found here: http://digimon.net/20th/d1/

Content 1. Registering Bandai Namco ID 2. Registering Digimon 3. CPU Battles 4. D-1 Grand Prix (Updated 22 July 2017)

1. Registering Bandai Namco ID

For those who do not have a Bandai Namco ID, you can use the “New User Registration” button to register an account. The instructions are in english hence I will not post step by step instruction here. In the Region/Country selection, I choose Japan. Note that the Region/Country selection cannot be changed after registration. I read somewhere D-1 Grand Prix is only for Residents from Japan, to avoid any issue down the line, I selected Japan as my Region/Country.

After completing registration from e-mail sent by Bandai Namco, login with your email address and password.

2. Registering Digimon

You need to register Digimon from you Digimon 20th Anniversary Version V-Pet before you can start any battle.

Hover your mouse to the “Digimon Album”, on the drop down menu, you’ll see (1) List of Digimon, (2)Digimon Registration. Use (2), to register your Digimon.

On the Digimon Registration page, Insert name you have chosen when you first start your Digimon Ver. 20th Anniversary V-Pet Don’t worry if you have forgotten your input, it can be found on your V-pet devicego to “Album” (The open book icon on your V-Pet) ​Go to “Album” Your name can be found on the 4th Selection (なまえ)

​Password can also be found in “Album” from your V-pet ​Use first selection in “Album” (デジモン) Select digimon using “A” button then “B” twice to display 16 digit password

You will see the following screen if you have completed your registration. If you get an different screen, if could be that you have input the wrong name and password. Double check your name and password from your V-pet.

Japanese Katagana character can be confusing for none Japanese speaker

Japanese character to look out for: ソ & ン:These are especially confusing, to the left you have Katagana for “so” and to the right “n” (pronounced as erm replacing m with ng) ヤ & ャ: Pay attention to the size of characters, on the left you have “ya” and on the right you have (what I would like to call) small “ya” which act as pronunciation modified for other characters. シ & ジ: Here you have “shi” & “ji”, the difference being the ” on top right of character ヘベペ: Here it’s “he”, “be” and “pe” with the last character having a degree sign on the top right

Pro-tip: If you click on the 2nd button, “Continue Registration”, you will be brought to the previous page with your name already pre-filled for you thus saving your time and effort searching for the right character again and again.

Registered Digimon comes in 3 varying strength namely 1 Star to 3 Star. This actually corresponds to the number of heart you have on the strength state (きんりょうく)

Pro-tip: You should train your Digimon to full strength before registering it in the D-1 Grand Prix.

You can register the same Digimon multiple time, however only one version of the same Digimon can be registered for the D-1 Grand Prix.

Below you see a screenshot showing the message you’ll see when you try to register the same Digimon twice.

3. CPU Battles

If you have been following the guide, you now have Digimon registered for D-1 Grand Prix. On CPU Battles page, you may select 2 registered Digimon for CPU Battles. Each day you will be given 5 chances to battle against CPU.

Note that losing a match counts towards the 5 matches you have each day so make it count!

After you have confirm your Digimon you would like to use for CPU Battles, on the next page you can select the CPU opponents to battle. ?? indicate opponents not yet unlock. You unlock more opponents/matches as you win matches in CPU Battles.

On this page, confirm CPU Digimon selection

On the next screen, click on the “Battle” word to start the battle

After the match, you can either view Battle records or Return to CPU Battle page

4. D-1 Grand Prix

D-1 Grand Prix is now open for registration. Clicking on the first icon, D-1 Grand Prix will lead you to the following screen.

Before you do anything, I recommend you read “Event Outline” as translated below

From my understanding, the winner’s prize is an original illustration and High Achiever’s Prize (or Top Ranking Prize) is a copy of original illustration. Both are physical copies which will be mailed to you after the tournament ends.

In the final tournament, out of 8 players competing in the quarterfinals, 4 winners will then compete until one victor emerges. The 3 players will get “High Achiever Prize” and the victor will of get the “Winner’s Prize” No prizes for preliminary matches.

This is quite straightforward, it will be the same as what you do for CPU battles, except in this case, I am not sure if you are allowed to change your Digimon once you register them for the Grand Prix, so choose wisely!

The note below “Register Adress info” are translated as follows: *Address Registration can be done at anytime *After recipients of “Winner’s Prize” and “High Achiever Prize” has been decided, recipients have 10 days to register for Address Information Failure to register before the deadline will result in loss of rights to the prices, so please be careful! *Delivery of Prizes will be done in phases at the end of tournament, after addresses has been confirmed.

The above translates as follows:

Rule *Each tournament consists of a maximum of 32 player (Website uses Block to quantify the tournament, i.e. 1 block of tournament has a maximum of 32 player tournament format) *Victor of preliminary round 1 will be selected to proceed to preliminary round 2 *The last remaining block will become the Final Tournament (where High Achiever and Winner will be selected) High Achiever and Winner of this Final Tournament will receive the “High Achiever Prize” and “Winner’s Prize”

*Depending on the number of particiipants, number of preliminary rounds, number of tournaments, participants in each tournaments may change

All info above taken from 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread. Posted by HoLYGabriel; 07-22-2017 at 03:45 AM.

Dec 07

Digimon Digivice VER20th Exclusives & Growth Charts

Growth Charts

Click on the image for a larger version.


English Manual here

Training Guide

Effort Hearts info here

Exclusive Eggs

Brown Exclusive: Agumon Anime Egg. Obtainable after you Obtain Zubamon’s egg. The only way to get Omegamon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Grey Exclusive: Gabumon Anime Egg. Same as the Brown in obtaining. Connecting the two colors allows you to copy the anime spirit which will help you obtain Omegamon. Still not sure if both versions have the eggs and will unlock or not. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Alphamon Version: Lunamon Egg. Contains Bakemon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Zubamon Version: Meicoomon Egg. Contains Plotmon and Drimogemon. Hidden Dorumon.

Omegamon Version: Coronamon Egg. Haven’t seen any exclusive sprites yet. Hidden Dorumon.

The only way to get Dorumon is to connect the three new colors to a brown or grey. Only way to obtain Alphamon.

Connecting Alphamon and Omegamon allows you to copy to get those versions exclusives. Both are needed to get NovaGracemon.

—– Credits to 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

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Nov 22

New Digimon Digivices set to release in 2018

Bandai have just announced there will be two new digivices set to release in 2018. We will be accepting preorders from 9 January 2018 until allocation exhausts.

For those who are interested in picking up the BROWN/GRAY version, you can place your order here. These will be sourced for you from Japan directly, it will take approx 3 weeks to arrive. Price may change depending on whats available in the market.

For those who wish to purchase the new colours – YELLOW, WHITE and BLACK. Our allocation have sold-out on preorder so we can only source them from Japan directly once the item has been released. Please get in touch with us here to express your interest. New stock will arrive in early January. For those who have already purchased on preorder, these will come most likely in early January as they are scheduled for shipment at the end of November, but due to Xmas closures in December the shipment may/may not be delayed.

Oct 17

Oct & Nov Release updates

Hi everyone,

There has been a few queries regarding the latest Pokemon Shining Legends, so this post is to let everyone know what is happening to them.

As of Monday 16 October 2017, JToys currently has stock of the Pikachu Pin Collection and the Elite trainer Box from the Shining Legends series.

Mewtwo Pin Collection and the Premium Collection is expected to come by next week.

All orders with Mewtwo Pin Collection or Premium Collection will be dispatched once these items come in stock.

Thank you everyone for your patience 🙂

Following are arriving in our November shipment A Lot of Mimikyu Collection LINK: https://www.jtoys.com.au/product/a-lot-of-mimikyu-collection/

Pokemon: Helpful Desktop Figures 2 LINK: https://www.jtoys.com.au/product/pokemon-helpful-desktop-figures-2/



With regards to the release of the SHF Shenrong figure, the figure is due for release in Japan by end of October, so suppliers have informed us that they are expecting stock to arrive by mid-November. So we should have them by mid-late November for dispatch.

With the Figurise SSGSS Goku set, these are expected to come by late October to early November, we have been chasing suppliers with this item and will be able to provide further update when we hear back.



The Ver20th Digimon Digivice in new colors (YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK) are due for release at the end of November, so stock should come by mid-December. Depending on when Australia Post stops for Christmas deliveries, your orders may not arrive till early January. New Year gift!

There have also been queries on whether or not we are able to bring in further stock of the original Brown and Grey VER 20th Digivice. We are happy to announce that we are able to do custom orders for these items, but please get in touch with us here if you wish to purchase one.



We will be expecting Nami, Brook and Luffy from the Figuarts ZERO ONE PIECE 20th Anniversary version to arrive in our November shipment. We will be dispatching these orders in early-mid November.

If there are any queries with regards to your preorders, please feel free to get in touch with us using our contact page or message us directly via facebook.com/jtoysaus

From team JTOYS

Digimon 20th digital device

Jun 21

Digimon VER 20th Digivice gameplay and more!

*** UPDATED ON 28/06/2017 ***

Lastest screenshots below shows the exclusive Digimon to each of the new colours being released.


*** UPDATED ON 22/06/2017 *** We have been provided with an extensive manual for the Digimon VER 20th Digivice and is available for download here


For those who have been looking forward to a translated gameplay of the VER 20th Digivice, we have found you one below!

The video is only 3 minutes long. It shows basic instructions on how to use the device (since its only been released in Japan, all menu selections are in Japanese) and perform general gameplay.

If you would like to read more regarding how the VER 20th digivice were remade, please feel free to read the article here

For translated details of digimon description, please read more here

Please note aswell that online gameplay is only available in Japan. So for all of us here in Australia, i’m sorry but we’re going to miss out T^T sobs*

Jun 21

Carddass – Digimon 15th Special Box

Adding onto the celebration of Digimon’s 20th anniversary, Carddass is releasing a special memorial set of trading card collection for its fans! This special set includes a set of 60 Digimon cards, aside for collection purpose, you can use it to play against your friends!

Included in the 60 card deck, 22 cards are holo, 35 cards are normal cards. Within them there are 15 new prints and 45 remakes (3 of them contains new artwork). Cards are provided in the format of boosters, each booster contains 6 cards, total of 10 packs comes within the set. One of the booster contains alternative artwork and is called 「スペシャルピローバック」, in English it means “Special Pillow Pack”. It is also rumored that the Special Pillow Pack contains the 6 new format cards. More info to be announced closer to the release date.

Special pointers to the newly designed deck box that can transform into a playsheet for you and a friend to play against each other!

PREORDER YOURS HERE: Carddass Digimon 20th Special Box

May 09

Bandai Japan – 5 New Digimon Digivice! MetalGarurumon & WarGreymon Re-release!

Earlier in the year we were introduced to the release of the Ver 20th Digimon Digivice in its original colour forms. They are due to be released in June/July this year. Yesterday on Monday 8th May 2017, Bandai Japan announced that they will also be releasing 3 new colours for the Ver 20th Digimon Digivice. These colours are Alphamon, Zubamon and Omegamon.

More info to be released at the end of June. Our assumptions is these will be available for preorder later in the end and will probably be due for release in December to avoid snatching customers from the original colour version (though the preorder of the original have already ended, but it might cause disappointments for those who are only looking to pickup one device).

Also announced is the re-release of the Friendship Badge – MetalGarurumon Ver Digivice and the Courage Badge – WarGreymon Ver Digivice. Further information will be announced by end of May.

The Ver 20th Digimon Digivice allows users to raise Digimons from Ver 1 – 5, including the 10th and 15th anniversary limited Digimon. There will be a total of 134 Digimons available in the device (including the version 20th limited Digimon), depending if the user can meet certain requirements, the total number of Digimons can reach up to 154.

We are extremely excited with the re-release of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon versions, which of these release most excites you?