PSA Submission Service

Psa Submission Service - Jtoys

What is PSA Grading?

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is a highly reputable company that specializes in grading and authenticating trading cards, autographs, and sports memorabilia etc.

Why should I get my cards graded?

Our Grading Service Process

  1. Select the service you are after below and click the button to fill out the form
  2. Once we have received the above information, an order will be setup for you in our system.
  3. Order of payment notification will be sent to you when submissions are returned from PSA.
  4. Once the payment is clear, graded cards will be sent to you.
$45 AUD/Card
$499 Max. Value
per Item (USD)
90-120 days turnaround*
$75 AUD/Card
$999 Max. Value
per Item (USD)
45-90 days turnaround*
$145 AUD/Card
$1499 Max. Value
per Item (USD)
15-30 days turnaround*

*ETA is based on PSA’s CTD as specified here under Value – TCG service.

For higher value cards, please contact for quote on pricing.

Interested? Fill the below form to start~!

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    Psa Submission Service - Jtoys

    What happens next?

    Please put your cards in penny sleeves and place them inside a cardsaver/toploader. Make sure to send or deliver your cards to us by the specified deadline. When we receive your cards, we will send you a confirmation and begin the grading process.

    We will keep you informed throughout the process to provide maximum transparency and to put your mind at ease (we understand that it can be stressful to entrust your cards to someone else). We will provide tracking information for your shipment to/from PSA, grading results, and our return shipment to you.

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