About JToys

Who is JTOYS?

Hi there, I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our website so far. Let me give you an overview about JToys.

JToys (Japanese Toys), is a small independent start-up founded on 10 March 2016. The founder, Helen loves Japanese Anime and had always wanted to start her own toy shop. Unfortunately, due to cost and time availability, the only way to achieve her dream is to start by going online first. JToys stocks a range of products from various famous Anime such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Gundam, Saint-Seiya, Digimon, One Piece, and Naruto. We try our best to make our pricing as fair as possible so that all Anime lovers in Australia local can enjoy the things they love at the lowest cost possible.

In August 2016, JToys have had their first appearance at the Animaga Expo in Melbourne. The two days expo was a success and we enjoyed meeting our fans for the first time ever. Thank you so much for those who took the time to come visit. JToys looks forward to meeting more fans in a variety of events and will look into participating in 2017 Comic-Con, Supernova and Madman Expo.

In 2019,Helen transferred the ownership to her friend Terry as she was getting busy on work.

After ownership transition, Terry re-designed the whole website, introduced the membership rewards system, expanded the more product lines of Collecibles and Art Toys, brands including Medicon Toys, Mighty Jaxx, Popmart etc.

JToys will also look into starting a physical store, but in the meantime, please enjoy shopping online with us!

What Makes JToys Different?

We are different because we source some of our exclusives directly from Japan. These exclusives are items that cannot be found in Australia.

We also take our customer service very seriously. It makes us smile whenever we make our customers happy. Take a look at how our customers feel about us on our Facebook Page.

Do You Know?

  • JToys stocks mostly products from Animes that Helen and Terry had watch in her childhood. These being Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Gundam
  • JToys had a meltdown when decided on which logo to go with during design stage
  • The name JToys was a split second decision
  • JToys originally wanted to stock products from Hot Toys and LEGO, as they both have items that Helen liked very much (Iron man and Spiderman….and LEGO! who doesnt love it?). Unfortunately after thorough consideration, JToys have decided not to stock products from these brands due to the fact that they dont fall under the Japanese Anime category.
  • Terry loves Art Toys and is collecting now.
  • JToys re-designed the whole website in 2020!
  • JToys now has the membership reward system for the customer to earn points on every order~!