The Best Ultimate Digimon Digivice VER20th Exclusives & Growth Charts

Digimon 20th anniversary Exclusive Digivice Growth Charts & Tips

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Growth Charts

Digimon 20Th Anniversary 1
Digimon 20Th Anniversary 2
Digimon 20Th Anniversary 3
Digimon 20Th Anniversary 4
Digimon 20Th Anniversary 5
Digimon 20Th Anniversary 6

Training Guide

Effort Hearts info here

Exclusive Eggs

  • Brown Exclusive: Agumon Anime Egg. Obtainable after you Obtain Zubamon’s egg. The only way to get Omegamon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.
  • Grey Exclusive: Gabumon Anime Egg. Same as the Brown in obtaining. Connecting the two colors allows you to copy the anime spirit which will help you obtain Omegamon. Still not sure if both versions have the eggs and will unlock or not. Hidden Egg Dorumon.
  • Alphamon Version: Lunamon Egg. Contains Bakemon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.
  • Zubamon Version: Meicoomon Egg. Contains Plotmon and Drimogemon. Hidden Dorumon.
  • Omegamon Version: Coronamon Egg. Haven’t seen any exclusive sprites yet. Hidden Dorumon.
  • The ONLY WAY to get Dorumon is to connect the three new colors to a brown or grey. Only way to obtain Alphamon.
  • Connecting Alphamon and Omegamon allows you to copy to get those versions exclusives. Both are needed to get NovaGracemon.

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