Pokemon Big Eraser Figure 2 (Welcome to Alola)

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Step into the vibrant world of Alola with the Pokemon Big Eraser Figure 2 collection. This set features a variety of adorable and highly detailed eraser figures inspired by the beloved Pokemon characters from the Alola region. From Pikachu to Rowlet, each figure captures the essence of these Pokemon in a fun and functional eraser form. Whether you’re a Pokemon enthusiast, collector, or simply in need of some erasers for school or work, these Big Eraser Figures are a perfect choice. With their bright colors, cute designs, and practical eraser functionality, they bring joy and utility to your everyday tasks. Add a touch of Pokemon magic to your desk, pencil case, or collection with the Pokemon Big Eraser Figure 2 (Welcome to Alola) collection. Let these delightful erasers accompany you on your Pokemon adventures and make erasing mistakes a fun and enjoyable experience.

Manufacturer: RE-Ment
Line Up:
Full set of 8 available
Alolan Vulpix

Release Date: February 2018

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Pokemon Big Eraser Figure 2 (Welcome to Alola)

Only 1 left in stock