Bandai Neon Genesis Metal Build Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type


  ETA: MAY 2022  

ETA: MAY 2022

Ikuto Yamashita, the creator of Evangelion, has teamed up with Bandai to produce this METAL BUILD version of the iconic character, capturing its steel-and-muscle look like no other figure before. Diecast metal pieces and chrome coating give the body a sumptuous weight and gloss. This wonderfully posable rendition of the EVA-01 has been redesigned from the bottom up and is filled with visual detail and play value. A Progressive Knife, a Magoroku Exterminate Sword, a Pallet Rifle, a pistol, a Pallet knife complete option, an umbilical cable, a mounting joint, an optional helmet with goggles, shin armour, a support rod, and a display stand with cage are among the items included in the package.
It stands 22cm tall.
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