1/100 MG Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel)

$299.00 $240.00

Manufacturer: Bandai
Dimension: 59.3 x 40.0 x 17.5 cm
Weight: 2.79kg
Item Content:
Foil sticker sheet
Marking sticker sheet
Tube (x1)
Lead wire (x1)
Screw (x14)
Beam smart gun (x1)
Display base (x1)

Release Date: March 2018

In stock

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The Gundam Plan 303E (Deep Striker) from "Gundam Sentinel" makes its epic MG debut as the 200th kit in the Master Grade lineup! Its many intricate parts have been faithfully recreated in 1/100 scale, making for an amazing kit that's sure to stand out in any collection! It features a massive Mega Particle Cannon measuring about 54cm long. Additionally, the S Gundam features new molding in its head, chestplate, and shoulders, which have a sliding feature not seen in the original release of the MG S Gundam. It comes with a beam smart gun, as well as a stand for display. Be sure to add the incredible Deep Striker to your collection!

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