Soul of Chogokin GX-76X2 Grendizer D.C. Drill Spazer & Marine Spazer set


 DRILL SPAZER Length: approx 250mm/MARINE SPAZER Length: approx 108mm
Materials: ABS, PVC
Item Content:
 ・Extended Drill for Combination × 2
 ・Small Drill for Replacement × 2
 ・Dedicated pedestal

Release Date: October 2018

NOTE! ※This product contains only expand parts (The main body will be sale separately).

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A set of GRENDIZER's two support mechas DRILL SPAZER and MARINE SPAZER is now available !

DRILL SPAZER, equipped with two giant drills, combines with GRENDIZER to give it the ability to move underground and use its drills to deal a devastating attack to its foes ! MARINE SPAZER attaches to GRENDIZER's back to greatly enhance its mobility underwater. They appeared in the original TV series from episodes 45 and 41, respectively.

Both products are capable of combining with GRENDIZER D.C. DRILL SPAZER's two giant drills reproduce the original animation's form by replacing the parts for before and after combining. MARINE SPAZER's two floats are contractable, and its tailplane can be separated to reproduce the weapon Marine Cutter.

The spiral formation of the Drill Missiles equipped in the wings of DRILL SPAZER can be reproduced with the attached optional parts. As part of the "D.C. Series" which focuses on presenting the imagery of the TV animation, many of the actions seen in the original story can be reproduced with its variety of optional parts.

It also comes with two display arms that can be attached to the display stand that comes with GX-76 GRENDIZER D.C., allowing DRILL SPAZER and MARINE SPAZER to be displayed along GRENDIZER. Combine it with the stage for GX-76X SPAZER SET to display all the SPAZERS together.
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