Pokemon OCG Sun & Moon Extension Pack Forbidden Light booster box

$85.00 $65.00

Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Item Content:
30x boosters per box
5x cards per booster
Total 94 cards in set

Release Date: 2 March 2018

In stock

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Destruction force, breakthrough limit. Ultra Necrochima GX entry!

Waza "Photon Gazer"
With the number of trashes the basic super energy that is attached, the damage goes up to nowhere.

GX Waza "Mikubo no Hikari GX"
Depending on the development of the battle field, you can decide the game at once.

Let's use Ultra Necrozuma GX
By attaching the trashed basic super energy to the Ultra Necrochima GX of the bench in the characteristic of Karamanero, "Psycho recharge", you can attach the energy necessary for "Photon Gazer". Ultra Necrozuma GX and Karamaneroro can also be brought from the deck with a mystery treasure.

A lot of Pokemon in the Kalos region!

Waza "cell connector"
While giving 50 damage, you can turn on the necessary energy for "Grand Force" and "Judgment GX".

GX work "Judgment GX"
150 Damage is given. In addition, the next opponent's number will be in a state where it will not be damaged from Pokemon GX · EX.

Let's use the Zigalde GX
You can raise the damage of Waza by +20 with the character "Princess Ale" of Dian Sea Prism Star. In addition, if you use Eureka you can use "Judgment GX" multiple times!

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