Pokemon OCG SM4+ GX Battle Boost! booster box


Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Item Content:
The set will feature 114 cards.
7 cards per booster, 10 boosters per box

Release Date: 20 October 2017

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High class pack "GX Battle Boost" contains many powerful cards that appeared in the "Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon" series, all with Kira cards. Also, among them a powerful Pokemon GX is definite and it is included in one pack.

Ultra Beast appears as a new Pokemon GX!
In addition, three types of Ultra Beast's Pokemon GX are recorded as a new card.

Denjimoku GX
Characteristic "Flashhead"
If your opponent's Pokemon has special energy, it will not suffer damage.

Waza "Rumble Wire"
At the same time 100 damage trash 1 opponent 's deck!

GX work "Lightning GX
Pick one of your opponent's hands and place it on the side! It is Waza which greatly misleads the opponent's tactics.
Fellowship GX
Waza "Fast Raid"
Haste! It is a work that can be used even in the first round. Combined with Larantes, it raises damage!

Waza "Cruel Spike"
You can make your opponent perplexed. In conjunction with "Fast Raid", you can disturb the movement of the opponent in the opening stage.

GX work "Beauty GX"
For example, if the opponent is taking 4 side cards, 200 damage at 50 × 4!
It is a work that aims at reversing under painful circumstances.
Tekakuya GX
Waza "Rocket Fall"
The more energy you have to lose, the more damage you gain.

Waza "Moon press"
You can make 130 damage without risk.

GX work "Blaster GX"
180 You can make your side a front while giving out damage. In addition, all workers correspond to double colorless energy.

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