Dragon Ball Super Card Game – DBS-TB01 Tournament of Power booster box

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Item Content:
1 Booster pack contains 12 cards each.
1Box contains 24booster packs

Total 176 cards
45 Commons(normal or foil.ver)/
30 Uncommons(normal or foil.ver)/
12 Rares / 9 Super Rares /
4 Special Rares / 1 Scret Rare

Release Date: 25 May 2018

In stock

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These new themed boosters have a different mix of cards than standard packs, providing card lineups based around specific themes! The theme this time is the Tournament of Power, featuring current characters from Dragon Ball Super! Players can build multiple themed decks using cards just from these boosters alone! A great way to start the game for Dragon Ball fans!

Each colour features warriors from a different universe! Red : Universe 6 (Hit,Kale etc..) Blue: Universe 9 (Bergamo,Basil etc..) Green : Universe 2 (Ribrianne,kakunsa etc..) Yellow: Universe 11 (Jiren,Toppo etc..) Every colour features characters from Universe 7! Cards that synergize with card series 4 are also included! Build a mono-colour deck with warriors from the same universe, or a multi-coloured deck with warriors from Universe 7!

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