Complete Selection Animation DIGIVICE 1999


Manufacturer: Bandai
Main body – W. 68mm × H. 60mm × D. 44mm
Special booklet – W. 140mm × H. 80mm

Main body – ABS, PC, ZnDC
Booklet – Paper

Item Content:
1x Main body
1x Special booklet

Release Date: January 2019

NOTE: Requires AAA battery ×2 (sold separately).

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<Complete Selection Animation DIGIVICE 1999>
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV animation "Digimon Adventure", aired in 1999 in Japan, the Digivice designed according to the animation is launched for the first time in the role play item series for adults "Complete Selection Animation". Dialogues of the 8 Chosen Children and their 8 Digimon partners in the animation are included. Apart from conversations between the Children and their Digimon partners, you can even enjoy listening to original dialogues exclusively included in this Digivice. "Butter-Fly劇場サイズ", which was played in the last episode when the Children bid farewell to their Digimon partners, is also included for the first time. With this Digivice, the nostalgic tear-jerking scenes can be brought to life once again.
In addition, a special booklet is included, featuring an interview of the animation production staff, the history of Digimon products and more.

〈Dialogue examples〉
Taichi 「どうだ!!観念しろ!!」
Yamato 「強がっても無駄だ!!」
Taichi 「なに?!」
Yamato 「自爆しやがった…?!」
Jo 「僕達これで終わりか…?!」
Mimi 「そんなのいや~!!
Takeru 「終わりじゃない…!
Koshiro 「終わりなもんですか…!」
Yamato 「終わらせない…!」
Taichi 「終わってたまるか…!」
Jo 「絶対に…!
Sora 「だって…!」
Hikari 「私達には…!」
All Children 「明日があるから!!!」
♪「brave heart」

Mimi 「ウッ…!ウッ…!ウッ…!ウッ…!…ハッ?!」
Palmon 「ハァッ!(走る声)」
Sora 「ミミちゃん!!」
Mimi 「うん!!」
Palmon 「ミミ~!ミミ~~!!」
Mimi 「パルモ~ン!!」
Palmon 「ミミ~!ごめんなさ~い!!」
Mimi 「いいの!いいのパルモン!!さようなら!!!本当にありがと~~~!!!」
Palmon 「さようなら!ミミ~!!ああ?!」

〈Character Voice〉
Taichi Yagami(CV.Toshiko Fujita)
Agumon(CV.Chika Sakamoto)
Sora Takenouchi(CV.Yuko Mizutani)
Piyomon(CV.Atori Shigematsu)
Yamato Ishida(CV.Yuto Kazama)
Gabumon(CV.Mayumi Yamaguchi)
Koshiro Izumi(CV.Umi Tenjin)
Tentomon(CV.Takahiro Sakurai)
Mimi Tachikawa(CV.Ai Maeda)
Palmon(CV.Kinoko Yamada)
Jo Kido(CV. Masami Kikuchi)
Gomamon(CV.Junko Takeuchi)
Takeru Takaishi(CV.Megumi Han)
Patamon(CV.Miwa Matsumoto)
Hikari Yagami(CV.Kae Araki)
Tailmon(CV.Yuka Tokumitsu)
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