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Dec 07

Digimon Digivice VER20th Exclusives & Growth Charts

Growth Charts

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English Manual here

Training Guide

Effort Hearts info here

Exclusive Eggs

Brown Exclusive: Agumon Anime Egg. Obtainable after you Obtain Zubamon’s egg. The only way to get Omegamon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Grey Exclusive: Gabumon Anime Egg. Same as the Brown in obtaining. Connecting the two colors allows you to copy the anime spirit which will help you obtain Omegamon. Still not sure if both versions have the eggs and will unlock or not. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Alphamon Version: Lunamon Egg. Contains Bakemon. Hidden Egg Dorumon.

Zubamon Version: Meicoomon Egg. Contains Plotmon and Drimogemon. Hidden Dorumon.

Omegamon Version: Coronamon Egg. Haven’t seen any exclusive sprites yet. Hidden Dorumon.

The only way to get Dorumon is to connect the three new colors to a brown or grey. Only way to obtain Alphamon.

Connecting Alphamon and Omegamon allows you to copy to get those versions exclusives. Both are needed to get NovaGracemon.

—– Credits to 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

Nov 22

New Digimon Digivices set to release in 2018

Bandai have just announced there will be two new digivices set to release in 2018. We will be accepting preorders from 9 January 2018 until allocation exhausts.

For those who are interested in picking up the BROWN/GRAY version, you can place your order here. These will be sourced for you from Japan directly, it will take approx 3 weeks to arrive. Price may change depending on whats available in the market.

For those who wish to purchase the new colours – YELLOW, WHITE and BLACK. Our allocation have sold-out on preorder so we can only source them from Japan directly once the item has been released. Please get in touch with us here to express your interest. New stock will arrive in early January. For those who have already purchased on preorder, these will come most likely in early January as they are scheduled for shipment at the end of November, but due to Xmas closures in December the shipment may/may not be delayed.

Nov 13

December & January shipment plus Christmas Closure

Hi everyone!

Its that time of the year where the festive season is in the air!

This year we will be closed from 23 December 2017 to 7 January 2018, so our last shipment of orders will leave on 22nd December. However, order cut-offs will be on 20 December to ensure we have enough time to process them. Please ensure you leave yourself enough time for deliveries if you wish to receive your order by Christmas.

Please see Australia Post‘s website for further details with Christmas deliveries.

LOCAL PICKUPS CBD cut-offs is on 13 December, but pickups in Balwyn North and Hawthorn East will be available till 22 December.

Need to prep for Secret Santa or Xmas Gift? This year we’ve made gifting easy by separating our categories to Under $20, Under $50, Under $100 and $100 or more.

Shop Xmas Gifts here

DECEMBER SHIPMENT Due to potential custom delays and post office closure/delays in both Japan and Australia, we will be moving our December shipment to early December instead of the usual mid-month delivery. Which means any release that gets released by end of November may potentially miss out on the shipment and arrive in our January shipment instead.

JANUARY SHIPMENT We will also be bringing forward our January shipment to compensate for the disruption.

Oct 27

zipPay is back up!

Hey there!

For those of you who noticed, zipPay was down on our website for the past couple of days so customers wasn’t able to checkout using their system. However, their team of ninjas got down to the issue quickly and we’re pleased to say the issue is now resolved so everyone can continue to check out using their platform!

Buy Now & Pay Later with zipPay! here:

Learn more about zipPay here:

Oct 17

Oct & Nov Release updates

Hi everyone,

There has been a few queries regarding the latest Pokemon Shining Legends, so this post is to let everyone know what is happening to them.

As of Monday 16 October 2017, JToys currently has stock of the Pikachu Pin Collection and the Elite trainer Box from the Shining Legends series.

Mewtwo Pin Collection and the Premium Collection is expected to come by next week.

All orders with Mewtwo Pin Collection or Premium Collection will be dispatched once these items come in stock.

Thank you everyone for your patience 🙂

Following are arriving in our November shipment A Lot of Mimikyu Collection LINK:

Pokemon: Helpful Desktop Figures 2 LINK:



With regards to the release of the SHF Shenrong figure, the figure is due for release in Japan by end of October, so suppliers have informed us that they are expecting stock to arrive by mid-November. So we should have them by mid-late November for dispatch.

With the Figurise SSGSS Goku set, these are expected to come by late October to early November, we have been chasing suppliers with this item and will be able to provide further update when we hear back.



The Ver20th Digimon Digivice in new colors (YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK) are due for release at the end of November, so stock should come by mid-December. Depending on when Australia Post stops for Christmas deliveries, your orders may not arrive till early January. New Year gift!

There have also been queries on whether or not we are able to bring in further stock of the original Brown and Grey VER 20th Digivice. We are happy to announce that we are able to do custom orders for these items, but please get in touch with us here if you wish to purchase one.



We will be expecting Nami, Brook and Luffy from the Figuarts ZERO ONE PIECE 20th Anniversary version to arrive in our November shipment. We will be dispatching these orders in early-mid November.

If there are any queries with regards to your preorders, please feel free to get in touch with us using our contact page or message us directly via

From team JTOYS

Oct 12

DBSuper Union Force preorder special!

As a preorder special, for every booster box purchase of Union Force will come with two (2) Dragon Ball Super Series 2 Dash Packs. Each Dash Pack contains a randomized foiled card with either Vegito, Cell, Ginyu or Son Goku.

While stocks last.

Preorder Union Force here

Sep 26

Terms Adjustments

As of 27 September 2017, we have made adjustments to the following terms on our website:

– Local Pickup Deposit Previous: 10% deposit Adjustment: 50% deposit

Please remember deposits are non-refundable if you wish to cancel a preorder. However, if you cancel within 24hours after ordering, a cancellation with full-refund is possible.

– Preorders & Backorders fulfillments Please note the release date displayed on product pages are in reference to the item’s official release date in Japan. We generally receive stock 3-4 weeks after Japan’s initial release due to shipment delays and custom clearance. However, this may vary depending on the product and does not apply to trading cards. Please get in touch with us if you would like to confirm on your orders placed.

– Backorders fulfillments For items with backorder badges on them, we generally will receive stock within 3-4 weeks. But this may vary depending on stock availability at our supplier. Please get in touch with us if you have concerns regarding your order. NOTE! This does not apply to trading cards.

For further queries, please see our FAQ section or send us an email here

Aug 31

One Piece x Dragon Ball Z Special

We’ve been hearing a lot of noise over social media in the past week regarding a crossover episode between One Piece and Dragon Ball. Today its been confirmed that this is REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!

A 1 hour special has been scheduled for One Piece on Sunday 1 October and for Dragon Ball Super on Sunday 8 October. Both will be aired on Fuji TV!

As you can see in the poster above, a stunning illustration has been released featuring Luffy and Goku! With both works being massive hits in Weekly Shonen Jump, each packed with action and adventure, and the image captures this perfectly.

The central text reads “wakuwaku to bouken ga tomaranai.”, meaning, “The excitement and adventure never end.” A panorama version can also be found at Seibu Shinjuku station and Seibu Ikebukuro station platforms for a week beginning on Aug. 28!

The official Twitter accounts for each show are also doing a present campaign through which fans can get autographed posters! If you Retweet the campaign Tweets, you’ll be entered into the raffle to get one signed by Goku and Luffy’s voice actors. Here is One Piece Twitter and Dragon Ball Super Twitter.

Heres an official video below announcing the collaboration:


credits to Tokyo Otaku Mode for the info provided above.

Aug 17

Free Pokemon Promos

Aug 16

Backorder category now LIVE!

We value your feedback and we have been listening.

We understand there has been some confusions regarding product availability on our website where released items are available for preorder, so is it available now? When will I be expecting them if I order it?

To fix this issue, we have now setup a new category call Backorder. Backorder are items that we carry but are currently out of stock, so if you order one of these products, it will arrive in our next shipment from Japan.

A general advice in ordering backorder items is to put your order through between the 15th of this month to the 10th of next month to make it for the next shipment. For example, 15th August to 10th September, for September shipment.

Hope this will improve your shopping experience with us and please do let us know how we can be serving you better 🙂

Start shopping now!