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Nov 28

Items arriving in next shipment

Arriving first week of December 2018

– One Piece Shiny Venus -Nico Robin-

– DB Super World Collectavle Diorama Vol.2

– DB Z Blood Of Saiyans Special

– DB Z Absolute Perfection Trunks

– MG 1/100 Polypod Ball – Battle Spirits Battler Goods Set – Masked Rider – MB Gundam Astraea Type-F “Avalung” OP-Set – Digital Monster Art Book Ver. Pendulum – 1/8 ARTFX J Blue with Eevee PVC – G.E.M. Ash// Pikachu & Ash-Greninja – G.E.M. Ash & Pikachu – Sun & Moon Terrarium Alola Version – Eevee & Friends Dreaming Case – Pokemon: Plush Toy Dratini (S) – Pokemon: Plush Toy Phanpy (S) – Pokemon: Plush Toy Garchomp (S) – Plush Toy – Blue Eyes Toon Dragon – Eevee Full Collection – Battle Spirits Butlers Goods Digimon – Pokemon x nanoblock NBPM-032 Lugia – Pokemon x nanoblock NBPM-033 Ho-Oh – Gacha-Poke Machine Sun & Moon 2 – High Pack GX Ultra Shiny Boosters

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Oct 28

Shipment Delay

This is to notify all customers our latest shipment from Japan has been delayed due to custom clearance. We will endeavour to get it sorted with customs asap. However, it should take approx 2 weeks for the process to complete.

Affected items as follow:

66 Action Dash Mega Man Vol.2 FW Gundam Converge EX23 Sinanju Dragon Ball Adverge Vol.8 FW GUNDAM CONVERGE #12 Ultimate Grade Dragon Ball #08 Digivolving 06 Atlur Kabuterimon Pokemon Terrarium Colle Vol.4 Figure-rise Standard Piccolo 1/144 HGBD Gundam Love Phantom Pokemon x nanoblock NBPM-032 Lugia Battle Spirits Digimon (CB02) Ex-Pack Chou Baku Impact 1Box

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. JToys

Jun 23

Trade-in your Pokemon cards for items on our site!

Are there items on our website that you’ve been eyeing on but don’t have the extra cash for? Do you have spare Pokemon cards lying around the house that you’re not using? How about trading them in towards your purchase?

Trade-in values can be used for purchasing in-stock items and preordering items. If you’re a cash person, we are happy to just pay you cash for the trade-in or we can do part cash and part products. YOUR CALL!


This month’s trade-in focus are reverse holo cards from the Pokemon Legendary Collection and cards with “Shining” in their title from the Shining Legends. If you trade-in focus cards of the month, we’ll offer you 1.5x trade-in credits!

Get in touch with us today and send us photos of the card’s front, back and close up shots of both front and back and we’ll be happy to discuss 🙂

Please use the form below if you would like to trade-in your Pokemon Card with us.

Card Name

Trade-in format selection Trade ValueCash ValuePart Cash Part Trade

Please upload images of the card. It is recommended to take the photos under maximum lighting condition. We will be in touch if we require further images/video. Maximum file size 1MB.



Please upload CLOSE UP images of the card, preferably on an angle.



Please allow 1-2 business days for us to examine the condition of your card. We will be in touch once the quote is ready.

Please leave us your contact details

Your Name

Your Email

Contact Number

Further Queries

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Jun 05

Changes coming on 1st July 2018

Before we begin to make announcements we would like to take the opportunity to thank every one of you for supporting us this year. It has been a tough year and a long journey but we never would have made it without your continuous support.

However, as the world of retail gets harder with customers purchasing directly from overseas, private sellers undercutting, overseas companies offering items to Australia and local competitions between companies, there are a few things we must change in order to survive in this environment.

CHANGES TO SHIPPING We will be removing our “free shipping over $100” offer. As we all know, shipping in Australia is expensive and unfortunately we are unable to cover the cost of free shipping anymore. However, we will be refining our flat rate shipping charge to accomodate for the change.

CHANGES TO PRICING As most of you are aware, a new gst law is coming into place from 1st July. We will be revisiting our product prices to accomodate for the change.

CHANGES TO DISPATCH DAY We will dispatch orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

All changes above will take effect from 1st July. Orders placed before that day will still receive free shipping if you spend over $100.

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May 24

GST Charges Effective from July 1st 2018

The Australian Government has passed laws which extend the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to low value imports of physical goods. Items valued at $1,000AUD or less will now be required to pay GST to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The rate of GST is 10%.

This change will mean that from 1 July 2018, JToys will be revisiting its product pricing to accomodate for the change. Preorders placed before this date for items releasing after this date will not be affected.

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May 23

Shipment Delay Announcement

May 11

Ichibankuji x Gunpla Release info – August 2018

*** Update 20 June 2018 ***

We have a breakdown of prizes with photos now!

Preorder to open soon for the upcoming Ichibankuji x Gunpla release in August 2018

Items to consider:

A – Award MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 [Solid Clear / Standard] B – Award MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 [Solid Clear / Reverse] C – Award Mug Cup D – prize small plate E – Prize Rubber Key Holder F-1 Award MG 1/100 FF-X 7 Core Fighter [Clear] F-2 Award MG 1/100 FF-X 7 Core Fighter [Color Clear] F-3 Award MG 1/100 FF-X 7 Core Fighter [G – 3 Color] F-4 Award MG 1/100 FF-X 7 Core Fighter [Prototype Color] F-5 Award MG 1/100 FF-X 7 Core Fighter [Full Armor Color] Last One Prize MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 [Solid Clear / Reverse / Last One] Double Chance Campaign MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 [Solid Clear / Reverse / Last One]


Mar 25

Happy Easter Everyone! 🐰

FREE Easter Eggs for every dispatching order until Monday 2 April 2018

hope you enjoy our little treat!


Free Pokemon Promo Items when you shop in our Pokemon category until Sunday 8 April 2018!

Excludes Pokemon single card purchases


Mar 07

Yu-Gi-Oh! 20th Anniversary Promotion by Konami

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced the 20th anniversary commemoration project of “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game” celebrating the 20th anniversary in 2019.

“Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game” began selling from Konami Digital Entertainment in 1999 and has delivered fun of trading card games to so many users for about 20 years. Currently, it is available in 75 countries in 9 languages, mainly in Japan, North America, Europe, and it is enjoyed by users all over the world.

Following are some of the planned releases and excitement ahead.

Production of pure gold & sterling silver “Blue Eyes White Dragon” card

As a Yu-Gi-Oh! player, we all know what the Blue Eyes White Dragon represents. It is Kaiba Seto’s favourite card and like the Dark Magician, it represents the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game. Konami is planning to re-release this card in both pure 24k gold and sterling silver. It is estimated that the sterling silver version will be worth more than the pure gold one. However, no official news on how to obtain the item is released yet, so keep an eye to this space if you’re looking to get one (heads up, when Pokemon announced its pure 24k original Pikachu card, it had a price of 200,000 yen on it, which is roughly $2,408.49 Australian Dollars, so you won’t be expecting any less for the Blue Eyes with gold price going up each day).

The “Starter Deck” scheduled to be released on Saturday, March 24, will be accompanied by a 20th anniversary token card (6 types in total) in the first run production.

About 30 kinds of original rare cards, which back in the days, cards such as the “Female Swordsman Canaan” and “Blue Eyes White Dragon (Chinese version)” were very hard to get (given out in events only and in limited numbers).

A 20th Anniversary Edition has been released which re-introduced popular cards.

Ultra strong new cards has been added to the series, which includes holographic rare, extra secret rare, secret rare, collector’s rare, ultimate rare, ultra rare, super rare as rare specifications.

For full card list, please see here

To purchase, please visit https://www.jtoys.com.au/product/yu-gi-oh-ocg-rarity-collection/

Dec 30

D-1 Grand Prix

Guide D-1 Grand Prix ==================================================================================

Link to D-1 Grand Prix can be found here: http://digimon.net/20th/d1/

Content 1. Registering Bandai Namco ID 2. Registering Digimon 3. CPU Battles 4. D-1 Grand Prix (Updated 22 July 2017)

1. Registering Bandai Namco ID

For those who do not have a Bandai Namco ID, you can use the “New User Registration” button to register an account. The instructions are in english hence I will not post step by step instruction here. In the Region/Country selection, I choose Japan. Note that the Region/Country selection cannot be changed after registration. I read somewhere D-1 Grand Prix is only for Residents from Japan, to avoid any issue down the line, I selected Japan as my Region/Country.

After completing registration from e-mail sent by Bandai Namco, login with your email address and password.

2. Registering Digimon

You need to register Digimon from you Digimon 20th Anniversary Version V-Pet before you can start any battle.

Hover your mouse to the “Digimon Album”, on the drop down menu, you’ll see (1) List of Digimon, (2)Digimon Registration. Use (2), to register your Digimon.

On the Digimon Registration page, Insert name you have chosen when you first start your Digimon Ver. 20th Anniversary V-Pet Don’t worry if you have forgotten your input, it can be found on your V-pet devicego to “Album” (The open book icon on your V-Pet) ​Go to “Album” Your name can be found on the 4th Selection (なまえ)

​Password can also be found in “Album” from your V-pet ​Use first selection in “Album” (デジモン) Select digimon using “A” button then “B” twice to display 16 digit password

You will see the following screen if you have completed your registration. If you get an different screen, if could be that you have input the wrong name and password. Double check your name and password from your V-pet.

Japanese Katagana character can be confusing for none Japanese speaker

Japanese character to look out for: ソ & ン:These are especially confusing, to the left you have Katagana for “so” and to the right “n” (pronounced as erm replacing m with ng) ヤ & ャ: Pay attention to the size of characters, on the left you have “ya” and on the right you have (what I would like to call) small “ya” which act as pronunciation modified for other characters. シ & ジ: Here you have “shi” & “ji”, the difference being the ” on top right of character ヘベペ: Here it’s “he”, “be” and “pe” with the last character having a degree sign on the top right

Pro-tip: If you click on the 2nd button, “Continue Registration”, you will be brought to the previous page with your name already pre-filled for you thus saving your time and effort searching for the right character again and again.

Registered Digimon comes in 3 varying strength namely 1 Star to 3 Star. This actually corresponds to the number of heart you have on the strength state (きんりょうく)

Pro-tip: You should train your Digimon to full strength before registering it in the D-1 Grand Prix.

You can register the same Digimon multiple time, however only one version of the same Digimon can be registered for the D-1 Grand Prix.

Below you see a screenshot showing the message you’ll see when you try to register the same Digimon twice.

3. CPU Battles

If you have been following the guide, you now have Digimon registered for D-1 Grand Prix. On CPU Battles page, you may select 2 registered Digimon for CPU Battles. Each day you will be given 5 chances to battle against CPU.

Note that losing a match counts towards the 5 matches you have each day so make it count!

After you have confirm your Digimon you would like to use for CPU Battles, on the next page you can select the CPU opponents to battle. ?? indicate opponents not yet unlock. You unlock more opponents/matches as you win matches in CPU Battles.

On this page, confirm CPU Digimon selection

On the next screen, click on the “Battle” word to start the battle

After the match, you can either view Battle records or Return to CPU Battle page

4. D-1 Grand Prix

D-1 Grand Prix is now open for registration. Clicking on the first icon, D-1 Grand Prix will lead you to the following screen.

Before you do anything, I recommend you read “Event Outline” as translated below

From my understanding, the winner’s prize is an original illustration and High Achiever’s Prize (or Top Ranking Prize) is a copy of original illustration. Both are physical copies which will be mailed to you after the tournament ends.

In the final tournament, out of 8 players competing in the quarterfinals, 4 winners will then compete until one victor emerges. The 3 players will get “High Achiever Prize” and the victor will of get the “Winner’s Prize” No prizes for preliminary matches.

This is quite straightforward, it will be the same as what you do for CPU battles, except in this case, I am not sure if you are allowed to change your Digimon once you register them for the Grand Prix, so choose wisely!

The note below “Register Adress info” are translated as follows: *Address Registration can be done at anytime *After recipients of “Winner’s Prize” and “High Achiever Prize” has been decided, recipients have 10 days to register for Address Information Failure to register before the deadline will result in loss of rights to the prices, so please be careful! *Delivery of Prizes will be done in phases at the end of tournament, after addresses has been confirmed.

The above translates as follows:

Rule *Each tournament consists of a maximum of 32 player (Website uses Block to quantify the tournament, i.e. 1 block of tournament has a maximum of 32 player tournament format) *Victor of preliminary round 1 will be selected to proceed to preliminary round 2 *The last remaining block will become the Final Tournament (where High Achiever and Winner will be selected) High Achiever and Winner of this Final Tournament will receive the “High Achiever Prize” and “Winner’s Prize”

*Depending on the number of particiipants, number of preliminary rounds, number of tournaments, participants in each tournaments may change

All info above taken from 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread. Posted by HoLYGabriel; 07-22-2017 at 03:45 AM.