Aug 16

Backorder category now LIVE!

We value your feedback and we have been listening.

We understand there has been some confusions regarding product availability on our website where released items are available for preorder, so is it available now? When will I be expecting them if I order it?

To fix this issue, we have now setup a new category call Backorder. Backorder are items that we carry but are currently out of stock, so if you order one of these products, it will arrive in our next shipment from Japan.

A general advice in ordering backorder items is to put your order through between the 15th of this month to the 10th of next month to make it for the next shipment. For example, 15th August to 10th September, for September shipment.

Hope this will improve your shopping experience with us and please do let us know how we can be serving you better 🙂

Start shopping now!

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