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May 09

Bandai Japan – 5 New Digimon Digivice! MetalGarurumon & WarGreymon Re-release!

Earlier in the year we were introduced to the release of the Ver 20th Digimon Digivice in its original colour forms. They are due to be released in June/July this year. Yesterday on Monday 8th May 2017, Bandai Japan announced that they will also be releasing 3 new colours for the Ver 20th Digimon Digivice. These colours are Alphamon, Zubamon and Omegamon.

More info to be released at the end of June. Our assumptions is these will be available for preorder later in the end and will probably be due for release in December to avoid snatching customers from the original colour version (though the preorder of the original have already ended, but it might cause disappointments for those who are only looking to pickup one device).

Also announced is the re-release of the Friendship Badge – MetalGarurumon Ver Digivice and the Courage Badge – WarGreymon Ver Digivice. Further information will be announced by end of May.

The Ver 20th Digimon Digivice allows users to raise Digimons from Ver 1 – 5, including the 10th and 15th anniversary limited Digimon. There will be a total of 134 Digimons available in the device (including the version 20th limited Digimon), depending if the user can meet certain requirements, the total number of Digimons can reach up to 154.

We are extremely excited with the re-release of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon versions, which of these release most excites you?